Motherboard 1 sec power failure


Jan 5, 2014
Can you help me with this problem? when I turn on my computer all it takes is just 1 sec of power then it will turn off.
mobo: A88x G1 sniper Gigabyte
proc : A10 6800k
PSu: 500w Strider essential 80+ silverstone
Ram: 2x4 Crucial tactical elite Green LED 1866
HDD: 1 Tb Black WD
Case: Redline RL01-b Silverstone
what happend was I left my PC on idle then after an hour saw my screen all black. I tried moving the mouse then press any key on the keyboard. It was like stuck on that black screen so I tried to hold down the power button for like more than 10 sec, the computer did not shutdown. tried to press and hold reset button still no avail. Went to switch to power off the PSU switch then it turned off at last. then switch it on then after I pressed the power button now my computer would like to power up just for a second

X = Failed TS
1. cmos reset - X ( the reason for this is that i played the bios to set the ram to profile1 XMP)
i dont know if changing this settings have failed my mobo!?
2. used a diffrent PSU (600w Generic PSU ) - X
3. tried my PSU to a diffrent old mobo -worked ( so i think the PSU is working good )
4. I out of options im afraid it could be the MOBO or PROC

Mobo and proc is a month old.

Help me please