Motherboard, 680i VS P35


Dec 13, 2007
Decided id go with the intels P35 chipset over the 680i.

Then a friend told me that nvidias 680i works better with nvidias cards. I personally am going to put in the BFG 8800GT OC2.

He also said the 680i is even better with that card because it is overclocked.

Is this true or is he wrong? Its the same person who told me the GTS was better then the GT before I actually looked into it.

I dont plan on SLI in the future, so i found getting the 680i pointless, unless what he says is true and the 680i works better with the overclocked 8800 GT then the P35.


Dec 15, 2007
No that isnt true thats like saying XFX Gpus work best with XFX motherboards. the 680i is a AWSOME overclocker think about that.


Feb 21, 2006
The 680i Mobo is better than P35 if you plan to SLI.
If you will not do SLI, there is no real differnce in regards to the GPU.

In regards to the CPU, the P35 will likely OC better.
The P35 should also support the Quad Core Penryn Processors.
The 680i will only support Dual Core Penryn.


Dec 8, 2007
I went with the EVGA 680I , Should have been a great experience, but turned out nothing but trouble (8800GTX and Q6600 quad core go 90watts btw), ended up not posting, so i'll be sending it back to EVGA for (hopefully) a refund or upgrade to 780I for another system.
I've ended up with the Asus P5K Pro, really no nonsense installation, and a super "Throw & Go" board, No more Sata Read/Write fails etc, and great O/C capability with a Thermalright 120 Extreme + fan, Very quiet too.
Does what it say's on the tin, Also shuts down in Standby ok (Nvidia Chipset just froze the machine).
Takes a fraction of the time to boot to XP / Vista too...

LOL Baron210
I really like my 680i motherboard. Having said that, I DO NOT recommend a 680i board for any kind of a new build now. According to what's been posted abou thte quad core Penryn's, the 680i boards will not support the Yorkies. My recommendation is either a 780i board or an Intel chipset that supports the full line of Penryn CPU's.