Motherboard 8 pin power connector question.


Jun 17, 2009
I am doing a new build and through research I am aware that my Mobo has two plug ins that are directly from the PSU. there is a 20+4 pin from the PSU that is attached on the right side of the board (if case is stadning up with Mobo installed) and on the top left side there is a 8 pin or 4+4 pin plug. With my PSU I have two cords that can (based on pins alone) be plugged into this plug. Per the purchasing website both of these are included and attached to the PSU unit
1x 4+4-Pin ATX12V/EPS12V Connector
1x 8-pin EPS12V Connector
Based on the labeling of these it leads me to believe that if you use one of the 4 pin sides (for an older/different Mobo) it would be ATX12V or if you use both it would be the same as the other 8 pin cord which is EPS12V. Is it safe to assume that I can use the 8-pin connector and set aside the 4+4 pin connection? Under this assumption the 8 pin wire is not long enough to run behind my Mobo so I have purchased an extension through newegg to add this but I want to be sure I am thinking correctly regarding this. THANKS

ANTEC 1200 Case
Asus p6t Mobo
Rosewill 1000W PSU



Feb 1, 2008
If your MB has the 8-pin CPU power connector... use the 8-pin plug from the PSU. The 4+4 plug should work as well.

Just be sure NOT to use the 6+2 PCI-E power plugs.

The CPU AUX power plugs will have all the yellow wires on the "clip" side with the black or grounds on the other. PCI-E power plugs are wired the opposite way, grounds are on the "clip" side.