Build Advice Motherboard advice and compatible RAM ?


Nov 30, 2014
I'm down to choosing the last 2 components for my next build. Two questions: 1. I've almost decided on the Aorus Pro Z690, based on reviews. Hope to do auto-overclocking but manually is beyond me. I've also looked at the MSI Meg Unify, and the Aorus Master. The only thing I don't like about those boards is the audio codec of the Aorus Pro is more recent (Realtek 4080) than the other 2 boards. Do you think I lose much going with the Pro, including having DDR 5600 or 6000 run with stability, given that its top OC rating is 6200? 2.

I'm thinking to pair the motherboard with Kingston Fury Beast 5600mhz or 6000mhz, given that it's on sale ($235 for 16 x2 6000mhz; $200 for 16x2 5600 mhz). The timings aren't great (CL 40), and there's not much OC headroom - my only concern is whether it'd run stably at the rated Mhz - XMP plus OC timings plus the OC limit of the board (6200 mhz stated) leave me a bit uncertain about that.

Lastly, I could save a fair amount by going with 2 x 8gb memory sticks in slot 2 and 4, but my last question is whether I'd be sorry about that down the road, given that if you populate memory slots other than A2 and B2, memory speed seems to revert to speeds even less than the native 4800mhz listed, and so, in effect, one is limited to populating only 2 memory slots. I plan to mostly game plus use some programs like handbrake and make MKV. Is 16 total GB to little to future proof the rig? My CPU will be Intel's 12700K, and I have an Nvidia 3060ti, but may upgrade that when the RTX 4000 series gets realeased as an upgrade. TIA for all replies.