Question Motherboard and cpu help

Mar 28, 2020
hi this is my first post and hopefully someone can help me...

my old desktop computer is old when i first it got it was windows 8 (the first version) then deleted the HDD went back to windows 7 then added Linux along side windows 7 and now just using Ubuntu as the motherboard isn't up to date and is failing plus I'm no longer using Windows as it just has problems after problems. I've seen a new PC motherboard, ram and CPU and hoping for power unit too. the new case is on the small side it can only hold one HDD i have 4 (work purposes and large media collection at the moment in use i was wondering if its possible to take the new motherboard and move it into the old case as its bigger and holds all my hdds what i dont know much about it cpus would it be OK to move the whole motherboard with CPU still attached so i haven't got to re paste and all that stuff of course i'll make sure everything is unplugged first and ram isn't in the board before moving it I've read a few guides and still not sure what to do. I've looked on line and everyone says yeah that fine to do but last time i followed a guild to re-flash my bios chip the old chip got fried the reason behind that was i brought a server HDD thinking it was the right one it never worked got told to flash the bios and fired them. if anyone can please let me know if this would be a good idea or have some idea on how to do it and no i cant afford a local PC repair shop to do the job for me my local one wanted £3,000 for bio chip thing but as they didn't know what the problem was i would have had to pay for them to tell what it was there find out fee is £500 a day and yes they told me it could take 2 weeks to find out the problem so aren't planning to ask them how much they would charge for a swap over could be in the millions knowing them

any help would be grateful and not sure if this is in the right place or not

i thank you for help



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