Question Motherboard and GPU compatibility

Oct 11, 2020
So i own an old Asus P8z77-v Lx mobo with an i5 3470 non k cpu in it, and im gonna upgrade to a 1050ti most likely the mini zotac one as its the cheapest '''' and i'm wondering will i need a bios update to run it? i've looked at the bios update section on their page '''' and im on bios version 1502 which just includes better system stability. Will i be able to just run it out of the box and have it work or if it dont work out of the box will it most likely be a bios update thats causing it not to work? Theres only one bios update at all that specifies ''Enhance compatibility with some PCIE devices. '' Which is the 1801 version. So i just want to make sure if thats a possibility if it doesn't work as i've seen some threads about these old p8z77 mobos not working with certain gpus that are just plugged in.Thank you