News Motherboard and GPU Pricing Under Pressure Due to Copper Foil Shortage


Jun 30, 2010
Sweet, another reason for even more expensive commodity items, awesome. Realistically its not a huge deal on a consumer level, but for OEM's with already tight profit margins, not the best news.
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Feb 6, 2009
For me the TL;DR of this is no the copper price rise will not increase the price of good due to the small amount used. The price will be raised due increases in energy and transport costs.
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Nov 27, 2019
As Klaus Schwab said "You will have nothing and be happy".
Here when something fails it ends up as landfill. There is no attempt to recycle anything except plastics.
No wonder there are shortages of all of these metals; silicon, gold, silver and so on.
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Nov 16, 2004
The message for general public - no consumer electronics for you in any form for next 100 years - give or take. Go back to countryside and start living as peasants.
way ahead of you. bought a 2nd house with land right before covid hit, and been "working from home" ever since, haha. the family loves it out here. none of us ever want to go back to the city. what for? to get infected and live in misery? anyhoo, i'm not using as much tech as i used too...too busy enjoying the outdoors. peasant life is good when you've got money.
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Aug 18, 2021
Most sophisticated machines have their own programming language.
The human brain, which is only a biological machine but the most sophisticated existing on Earth, also has its programming language: Propaganda.

When you own all the media, the mines (copper, iron, gold, uranium, etc.) and many other things because you have trillions, quadrillions of fine dollars, you can make people believe anything.
And with the birth of computers and the Internet, it's easier than ever.
For example, by repeating it enough, we could make people believe that elephants are pink.

The people forget that now there is only one system, the Capitalist - it must be said that everyone else was just as sh*t. And the latter has only one goal: to make more and more profits.
In the past, we did not hesitate to wage wars in order to get richer.
Because nuclear weapons were invented now, we have more sophisticated economic wars than ever before and of course biological wars.

The Capitalist hates sharing and loves monopolies.
Countries do not exist and that is why everything is in the hands of the "private", the multinationals.
They pay nothing, offloading all their expenses to the population, keeping all the profits.

Besides, another thing that the people want to ignore, to make a profit is to be bandits, is to steal from others.
Indeed, the Capitalist is based on selling products or services more expensive than they are actually worth.

Money to humans is more important than anything, especially life in all of its forms.

Why doesn't no "country" make its own things like microchips?
Why do countries not provide good education, health, housing, food to its people?

Because countries don't exist. Multinationals are using puppets, politicians, "journalists" and the like to say that nothing can be done without the "private" and that anything public is big sh*t. That the "private" is paradise. Indeed, it is paradise for the rich who pay nothing at all and steal all the wealth.

And people who dare to criticize the capitalist are listed as intellectual terrorists, communists, socialists.

The Capitalist has nothing to envy of Nazism. If the latter has his superior race, the Aryans, the Capitalist also has his superior race: the rich. There are already trillionaires and this is just the start!

And the people have worshiped them for millennia as living Gods.

Why make a “small” 1000% profit, money that will go directly to tax havens - the people pay for everything that is done "privately" including salaries - when you can make 5000% or more?

In five years, graphics cards at $ 10,000, CPUs too, and motherboards at $ 5,000?

And of course, we, the "journalists" will all repeat the same things: it is the "crisis", copper, microchips, etc. And the people believe it because they love lies and hate the truth.

But of course, there will never be any miser attacks because they are the ones who own everything and control this world.

Two, three, monopolies for graphics cards. Three (and a half - Linux) for operating systems, etc.

It just goes to show that there are not enough engineers, technicians, etc. in countries for most to manufacture and design their items. To the public.

We prefer to leave that to two or three multinationals who do what they want.

Nothing changes in humans and it is very monotonous and sad to see them do so.
But when you're no smarter than a rock, it's no surprise.

Intel must be salivating because it too will be able to sell its graphics cards for $ 2000 or more.
The rich will buy them, own them, and the people will be happy to pay only. As it does with health, education and everything in between. The rich all go to the "private".

Why pay something in public, if you really to want continue to live with money – not sufficiently intelligent to live without this sh*t – the real cost when we can pay 100%, 1000%, etc., more buying this something in “private”?

Repeat after me: it’s the crisis of copper, or microchip, or graphic card, or …, peanut. Of all you want to make more profit!