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Question Motherboard and liquid cooling system not connecting

May 30, 2020

First of all, I'd like to state that I'm building my own computer for the first time ever with a friend of mine since I'm computer illiterate, but in the process of putting the parts I have together today, we came across an issue when attempting to connect the cooling system and motherboard that we'd picked out together (for reference, the motherboard is a H310M S2P 2.0 from Gigabyte and the cooling system is a Masterliquid ML240L RGB from Cooler Master).

Despite the fact that we managed to slot in the part of the cooling system that will hold the fans in place, we don't seem to be able to take the connector that goes from the pump to the motherboard and plug it in, as it doesn't have a square indent to allow them to connect to the 4 prong connector for CPU cooling. Does anyone have any familiarity with either and, if so, any suggestions on what could possibly be done? I have the option of exchanging the cooling system for something else, but I'd rather see if fixing it might be possible before doing so.

Link for some images of the interior of the motherboard itself, but I'm unsure how helpful they might be.