Motherboard and Powersupply help? Futureproof?



Okay So my Build:

Intel i5-2500k
8GB RAM 1333mhz
1TB Samsung F3
Sapphire 6870

Motherboard in mind:
(Has SLI and Internal USB 3.0, SATA 6.0 GB/S)
MSI P67A-G45 :

My Motherboard Limit: $145 ish (Btw i can only buy from Amazon because others don't ship to hotels, i just linked to newegg cuz it's the most descriptive)

Power Supply:
Since i need it futureproof, like in 2 years i might buy a 8870 Graphics card (IF they do keep the same series and stuff for example) And i don't want to change my power supply... So Should i go for the HX650 or the HX750, Is it worth the extra $20-30, And it needs to be modular :D I'm guessing the 6870 will last me ~2 years ish.... But my mobo has to last like 4 years so yeah, I really don't mind what suggestions you guys give! Any will do. And i prefer Amazon (like i said, they ship to hotels)
If you are only ever going to run a build with one graphics card (that has a TDP below 300W) then you will have no problems with a 650W and I don't think 750W would be justified.
However 750W would probably be the better option if you did want the option to add a second graphics. Obviously you could use a 650W for two 6870s, but the power requirements of future cards aren't known.

Don't see anything wrong with that MSI board.


^^ Thanks i guess, Since i might upgrade my gpu in 2 years, i doubt i can crossfire a 2nd 6870 since they wont have them in stock anymore.... And I hope 650W Will power the future...

Corsair Modular HX650 and the Corsair SEMI-Modular TX750M are the same price... What do i choose?


Mar 16, 2011
All I want to say is that there's no such thing as futureproof. Future will always get you and your parts won't be as cool as they are now faster than you think.

If it's brand shining new, it's more expensive than it will in a few months. Don't waste your money. Buy a good performance although not so new card and replace it in a year.



Very true indeed, I've also noticed that as we go on parts require less power (comparing 5870 to 6870) but that's only in graphics. Ohwell! We'll see soon