Question Motherboard audio issues

Oct 18, 2020

So, i came to try my luck again.
A few days ago i posted this question, with no luck.

The problem is me having audio cutout/glitches when resuming or stopping audio. This is especially noticable when there is a sudden pause or start with audio. It is acompanied by a loud pop or clicking sound that hurts the ears.
In the post i tried explaining it to the fullest, but these sollutions came back negative.

I have been trying to flash my bios, do a cmos reset and reinstall windows and all drivers. Every step gave negative results. (on advice of the motherboard manufacturer Asus.)
I have had contact with the manufacterer of my audio interface, to optimize windows for this issue and see if the correct drivers have been assigned to everything, since asus just came up with a clean windows install that i tried before. This also was no succes.
I came across a thread online that said i had to change the values of the following registry keys: Conservationidletimer, poweridlestate and poweridletimer. This was a sollution for win8 but i figured it might work for win10 (it didnt because i cant seem to find these registry keys). So every sollution this far comes up negative...

My last hope was that there is actually something wrong with my latency. I tried running LatencyMon. The first few times it gave me no issues. Latencymon said my computer was able to run audio without any problems. This time id did hower spike every now and then in the dxgkernel.sys and nvlddmkm.sys. I have attached files in my dropbox (latencymon results). results.jpg?dl=0

The next days i tried running latencymon again with mostly the same results. One run however, it did come up with issues. The following results came back: There was an high spike in ACPI.sys.
So the advice from the latencymon (see image 2).
It says a driver is probably taking too long to execute which might be related to cpu power usage throttling.
The advice was to disable my cpu throttling settings and update my bios, which i allready did before, but dit again after a clean install of windows. Perhaps i might have overlooked something. I have set my CPU to full usage in my powerplan and disabled c-state in my bios settings. (i dont know if i can change any more)
After searching online, most sollutions say update my drivers. This i did, also without any luck. Asus claims there is nothing wrong, but with their drivers my problems stays the same.

So i went looking for errors inside my devicemanager. I went to the ACPI section of device manager. In here there were no issues reported, so there is a dead end here, unless im overlooking something?

Since i cant seem to fix it, this is driving me insane and i just have the following question: If i change my motherboard to a different maker, will this most likely be able to fix my audio issues??
I need to know, because if it will fix it, its probably the fastest sollution to this problem ive been struggling with for the past weeks. (if anyone has a different sollution to this problem you will be my hero!)

My pc is fairly new (about 3 months.)

win - Version 2004 (build 19041.572)
cpu - 10600k
gpu - rtx 2060
mobo - z490m-plus
psu - Coolermaster 650gold
ram - corsair 16gb 2 dims 3200 DDR4
Storage - Samsung m.2 ssd.