Question Motherboard audio solution?

Apr 5, 2023
I have a B650E Aorus Master motherboard. My case has a shared headset and mic port. I have logitech speakers(thx)1x aux and one turtle beach(tb) headset that has both 1x mic and 1x headset plug.

i recently built a computer and i was told my mic was trash. It wasn't before but i heard the feedback and it wasnt amazing.

I had no problems when it was:
Backports: Headset(used THX) Mic(used TB). Front ports: headset(used TB) mic(unused).

- i have my THX speakers plugged in the rear panel like originally. The sound is same.
-i tried using the TB headset like originally used (mic rear panel headset front) but the headset plug on the headset is not TRRS so when i plug the headset into the front panel multi port it seems to only give left sound and mangles my mic audio.

I have noticed options that seem to fix it what what would be the better solution?

- Trrs male aux to female aux single ended adapter to allow the headset plug to work with the original y splitter cable with the frontpanel port + mic in rear
- One new single TRRS cable running from my headset to the frontpanel multi port.
- usb or type c to trrs aux converter.
-trrs y splitter with original cable plugged into headset.

Which is the best to have my audio the way it was on my old original case and motherboard? Its hard to test without playing a game and someone telling me. Also if theres something better please let me know i do not want to hurt ppls ears in game
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