Motherboard / BIOS monitoring utility for ECS 755-A2


Oct 16, 2004
Well - after having no luck getting a new "old" system to run on an Asus K8V-MX/S, I replaced the motherboard with an ECS 755-A2 from Newegg. It was cheap and the system runs great. Yeah, its S754, but its an A64 3200, 2Gig ram, and a 6600GT. Quite a step up from my P3 1GHz / 512 PC133 / 9700pro.

Anyway, I'm sure all you Core2Duo fans are laughing at this outdated system, but it really does the job for us, runs great, was fun to build, and inexpensive. I have XP SP2 on it and all new drivers. The motherboard setup CD did not come with a software utility to monitor cpu and case temp, or read the fan speeds. No luck finding anything on the ECS site either.

Is there such a thing as a 3rd party utility program to monitor these temps and speeds? Its not critical, I'm just curious as a new builder. I can get at the gpu temp through the Nvidia driver.

Thanks for your time and your help.



Sep 17, 2007
Hey i need a utility for the same motherboard , i need to know where i can overclock the chip , any ideas ?
The bios in your board has few options for overclocking. You might get a 10% overclock tops. Some folks use speedfan for monitoring. In your situation, you may not need it. My old 2800 754 sometimes ran fine with the fan at 0 rpm. It would kick in as needed.