Question Motherboard boot problem x570

Nov 19, 2019
Ok, guys ran into a wierd issue went to boot up my new pc build (has been working fine for 2 months) Nothing happend no fan spin nothing. Checked psu with paper clip and its spins up Cleared cmos Mind you zero power is happening Removed gpu nothing Removed each stick of ram and tried booting after each one nothing This point I think my motherboard is bad I tried doing manual power by jumping pwer switch prongs to think maybe case switch os bad. Then I said screw it, I removed the cpu and boom, motherboard boots up and ofcourse gives me CPU fail/error obviously Put cpu back in and nothing. Does this mean I have a failed cpu?
Build specs Msi x570 gaming wifi
Ryzen 7 3800x
Msi gaming z 2070 oc
32g 3600mhz team force nighthawk ram Team group 256 nvme ssd
Team group 500 ssd
Cougar helor 240m aio
Thanks is advanced tired to cover bases Build has worked for 2 months OC to 4.2ghz from AMD pre OC settings in the ryzen software.