[SOLVED] Motherboard cant supply enough power to cpu?

Apr 5, 2019
i've posted a few threads trying to figure out why my AMD FX-8350 while under load was randomly dropping its clock speeds from 4Ghz to 1.36Ghz after some investigating i've found out that my MS-7641 motherboard is limited to 95 watt cpus and does not support the 8350's 125 watt power draw is there any way to get around this thank you in advance for any help you give me.
That board has weak VRMs and can't deliver enough power tho handle the FX 8350 under full load. About the only thing you can do without outright downgrading to a 95 Watt CPU is undervolt and underclock your CPU to get the power draw down to something similar to the 95 Watt 8 core FX chips. Even then that board is marginal and the FX 6300 is probably the fastest CPU that board should be running.

This is why you always check the CPU support list before buying, just because the socket is the same doesn't necessarily mean the CPU will work at all or work properly. With high power draw chips like the FX 8350, or more modern ones like the i9 9900k the board's power delivery system is also much more important, and that's why you don't pair cheap motherboards with high power draw CPUs.