Motherboard chipset and cpu question


Oct 16, 2010
Hi guys,

I wanted to know if I wanted to replace a motherboard with a one with similar specs (such as socket, cpu support, ram support etc), will it matter if the chipset is different?

Also in general, chipset and cpu support. for e.g. if a mobo specs say "supports socket LGA775 and Core 2 Duo etc", does that mean that it supports any core 2 duo cpu?

Just a little confusion in my head, if someone can clear it up.
No. Go by the "cpu support" listing for your board; specifically the bios file number on the cpu support page. Every board manufacturer is different; some oem boards don't have a bios update to upgrade to a specific cpu or simply don't list cpus that work with your board; then you want to go to the forums, such as dell, and post a question about upgrading your board to see if anyone has tried the cpu you want to use.