Motherboard choices


Nov 24, 2007

I'm torn between the following choices:

- ABIT IP35 Pro + 8800gt + 4gig ddr2 800 ram

- GA-X38-DQ6 (ddr2 version) + 8800gt + 4gig ddr2 800 ram

- Hope for the new 780i to be available in newegg before christmas and buy it as soon as it comes out.

The 780i seems to be the best future investment (I could run 3x 8800s in SLI later on) but I don't know if it will be available before christmas.

Thank you.
The IP35Pro is very good. Onboard networking is slow, but I like the rest.

The GA-X38-DQ6 is also very good. But it's an X38, so no SLI, only Crossfire.

If you want an SLI mobo right now get something based on 680i. Just be warned that these mobos have trouble with Penryn CPUs, so upgrade might be difficult.

If you really want to run 3x 8800GT cards wait for 780i. Do you have a 30" monitor? If not, I'd buy only one or two video cards for now. 780i should be available in January, if the deadline doesn't slip.