Motherboard compatibility with pci e 2.0

green doctor

Aug 8, 2010
Hi everybody i have a ECS GF7050VT-M motherboard. I believe this motherboard is PCI E 1.0 bus and not 2.0. I plan to upgrade my old graphics card, a 8500gt to a gts 250, hd 4870, or hd 5770 which are all pci e 2.0 cards. I'm not sure would those cards work on my motherboard and if they do work, would there be any noticable drop in performane because the board is pci e 1.0 and the cards are pci e 2.0. My other specs include a dual core intel e7300 cpu, 4 gb of ram, 750 gb harddrive, and a 450w psu and soon to be a 585w. Thanks for the time.
The cards should work and performance will only be limited if the 2.0 gcard exceeds the 1.0 data rate.

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"PCIe 2.0 cards are also generally backward compatible with PCIe 1.x motherboards, using the available bandwidth of PCI Express 1.1. Overall, graphic cards or motherboards designed for v 2.0 will be able to work with the other being v 1.1 or v 1.0."