Question Motherboard corrupting gpu driver?

Mathias Hauergryn

May 7, 2014
I've been fixing a water damaged pc for some family (cola through the top fan dripping on the gpu).
And at first it seemed like it was just the graphics card that was dead, since the computer would boot with a spare gpu and I could open Valorant etc. (although with bad performance).

However the pc would blue screen randomly after 10-15 min in a game or not. With the error VIDEO TDR FAILURE - nvlddmkm.sys
So I uninstalled the gpu driver and tried to install it again but haven't been able to since. Nvidia experience doesn't come with any error messages and goes through the installation like normal, but then I'm able to press express installation afterwards again and the driver hasn't been installed.
After I uninstalled the driver, the blue screens are gone, however the pc sometimes can't boot and just shows a black screen, so the basic windows driver also has problems sometimes it seems.

A fresh installation of windows has the same problem.
I've already tested with spare psu and ram.

So my guess is the water damage also has damaged something on the motherboard and not the cpu?
Does anyone know what could cause the graphics drivers to not install and also give the bsod when they were installed?

Help much appreciated 🙏

System specs
Gigabyte H310M
Corsair Vengeance 16GB
Corsair VS550
Tested with both 3060ti and 2080 gpu