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Question Motherboard / CPU double boot issue.

Douglas Wicker

Feb 15, 2015
Hi all,

I overclocked my CPU a couple of months ago and installed new RAM at the same time. Ever since, when I turn my pc on, the fans turn and the red CPU light on the motherboard comes on and then it all shuts down straight after. Then the pc turns itself back on immediately, the red CPU light flashes and the the yellow RAM light flashes (I believe this indicates there are no issues) and the PC starts as normal. My CPU and RAM seem to be running as per their overclocked settings and my PC seems to run perfectly normally. I assume I may have something wrong in the BIOS and the system is resetting it every time it starts. Any ideas?

My system consists of a Asus Prime z370 A ii, an i5-8600k overclocked to 4.6 constantly with and AIO NZXT cooler. And I have an ROG 1070.