Question Motherboard CPU Socket pin burnt ?


Jan 24, 2016
PC suddenly shutdown after playing flight simulator 2020 for 4 hours
after lots of debugging found out one of the pins in the motherboard cpu socket got fried
here is a picture:

i used a Intel Core i5-12400F, with Gigabyte B660M DS3H D4 Motherboard and RTX 3080 FE
there is no visible damage on the actual cpu not even a single burn mark or anything
i can post pictures of the cpu if needed but it looks brand new on the back no visible scorches or burn marks
im quite sure my motherboard is dead because everything lights up when i remove the cpu from the motherboard
the only thing i wanna know now is, is there any chance of my cpu surviving this?
i already ordered a new motherboard with much better VRM and even a voltage stabilizer because i get huuuge swings in voltage where i live to a point where even the monitors and lights in my room suffer

but yeah i just want to know, what are the chances my cpu suffered this? and what are the chances it will ruin my new motherboard if plugged inside the new one, im quite paranoid thats why im posting here

thank you