Motherboard Diagnostic Card is it worth ?

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I own Computer shops (including repairs) and a Lappy repair company.....

Want to guess what we use........................................................ experience....

Substitution helps as well...

We were actually offered a machine once that was "meant" to do what those cards do cost £3000 plus and we trialled it for a month and it was total rubbish...we were right more times that IT

We returned it...

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POST cards can be useful for finding what is wrong with your motherboard and why it will not boot, but unless you get lots of faulty motherboards it probably won't be of much use. Another problem with these boards is to find what the code actually means as many manufacturers don't publish these and even if you did find what the code means then you probably would not be able to do anything about it. The best use of these cards is when a computer will not boot you can eliminate (or not) the CPU as being the cause of the problem because if you see the codes flashing the CPU is OK.


Apr 22, 2012
A buzzer is a very useful aid in finding out why a motherboard does not boot and unlike post codes the beep info is normally published. You should regard the POST card as something else to try when the buzzer fails to give useful information.