Question Motherboard died because of a surge through DVI??


Jun 7, 2015
Hi everyone. Recently my motherboard (Gigabyte) died. But I am trying to figure out the reason. What happened was, I entered my studio just like everyday and started to turn on the supply switches. As soon as I hit the first switch, which was of one of the two monitors (ViewSonic), I saw a flash light on the wall at the back of my of case and heard 'phutt' sound. And then came the smell of something burnt. I immediately turned off the monitor switch. This particular monitor was connected to the onboard DVI port of motherboard.

Is this a result of power surge that entered the motherboard from monitor through DVI cable? Is this possible? Or is there something else I should know about?

Because till this point, I didn't switch on the main supply of the PSU. And when I did, the motherboard failed to start. Tried the connect it to other PSU, still didn't work. Graphic card is fine too.


Very likely that the electrical surge went many places. Some were damaged, others not.

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Question: "supply switches".

Are you using one of those power bars with individual switches for each outlet?

Or some other master power panel setup?

Also "Other PSU"?

It would be helpful if you could provide a simple diagram showing all devices, how connected etc.. Power, video, audio, network....

Or take a few photographs showing the setup. Feel free to redact any personal or business information as necessary that may appear in the background.

Post the photographs here using imgur (

Do you have or know an electrician? Start looking because I highly recommend that the involved circuits, switches, outlets, etc. be inspected and tested.