[SOLVED] Motherboard doesn't turn on


Aug 27, 2017
I have a MSI PH61-P33 motherboard which stopped working all of a sudden. The last time it worked, i was testing a power supply with it and it was fine until now. It gives absolutely NO signs of life, the fans don't even spin the slightest bit. Here are all the things i've tried so far:
-Resetting the cmos battery, trying to turn on without it, putting in a new battery
-Tried 2 good power supplies which i previously tested as well
-reinstalled the cpu, ram (haven't tried other cpu/no cpu at all)
-tried with only 24-pin plugged in
-tried the mb out of the case, shorted pins with a screwdriver
-Visually inspected the mb for any damage (none found)
None of that worked. Is there anything else i can try or is the mb completely dead? it's just weird that it stopped all of a sudden, with no signs of that in the past
I would try forcing power-on (the thing you called "paper-clip") with things plugged in on the bench and nothing else connected and see if the PSU goes into protection...