Question Motherboard DRAM orange light issue


May 20, 2019
I recently was playing a game on my PC when it suddenly gave me a blue screen of death after which it restarted and then it stopped posting while the orange DRAM LED on the motherboard stayed on. I checked on the internet and it said it might have to do something with my RAM sticks so i swapped their positions and discovered that one of my RAM sticks does not work on the 2nd RAM slot on the motherboard and works everywhere else. but the other RAM that i have does work in the second slot and when i change their positions the PC boots up fine. I am very confused since my motherboard is new and it has not even been a year since i have been using it.
I have 2 tridentZ sticks 3200mhz cl15 DDR4 and my motherboard model is Asus TUF B660 Plus-WIFI D4.
The RAM that does not work in the 2nd slot works in all the other slots fine but i noticed that it even worked in the 2nd slot at times.
The other RAM has no issue in any slots whatsoever.
Any kind of help would be appreciated.
Think of it as RAM 1 and RAM 2.
RAM 1 works in every slot but the second. and RAM 2 works in all the slots without any problem.
When ram 1 goes in 2nd slot PC stops booting but if i put it in the 4th slot with the other RAM 2 in the second slot it boots up fine.
It might be confusing to read but i have tried my best explaining it and any kind of help would be appreciated.