Motherboard? dying drive maybe?


Jan 28, 2009
g31m3-f motherboard
pentium D 3.20/3.20
geforce 7600GS pci-e
3 gb 800mhz ddr2 ram
500 gb sata 3.0
550 watt PSU
aftermarket heatsink and 2 80mm case fans

seems that after puting it all together my newly built system decided it hates me.
both me and my wife play allot of games, and so does my nephew and nieces that come visit sometimes on the weekends
and everything is just A-ok.. until. battlefield 2. i can play this thing with the biggest most resource hogging map, for about 20 minutes. and after that my frame rates drop to a lovely 15 fps on any and all maps. sometimes can play the smaller maps for up to 2 hours or better then it hits that brick wall and stays at a solid 15 fps

it was giving me a 2 beep startup but and re-applying the heat sink and ram seems to have ended that problem

anyone have any ideas why the same hardware used in another computer just a month prior no longer wants to push this game, if i wait for this to happen and start counterstrike:source it runs almost perfect, a slight drop in fps to start with, but in about 5-10 minutes its running smooth again.

have tested the ram, everything checks out ok, tested the GPU in another system running CSS for a couple of hours, i dont know about the CPU because i cant find any statistics on it about the max stable temp. but im thinking its working fine to because my wife can play guildwars for hours without a problem

could it be the motherboard or the hard drive? where could i look to find max stable temp for my hardware


Jan 28, 2009
was told actually that it is more than likely a power supply problem. i need 20A on the 12v and my PSU only carries 18A on it. how the heck i overlooked that to begin with i dont know

got my CPU down a few to. so i think it might actually be a little bit of both giving me problems.. goign to get me a new PSU.

i know the 7600GS isnt exactly the best of the best but same hardware ran fine in another system . even oblivion on med-high settings ran fairly decent with it. only things changed is a new motherboard and hd...

going to try to get the cpu to run a bit cooler tho if you think that might have something to do with it

oh my.. after looking at that link haha yeah its prolly heat...i have seen my CPU get to 76C. then to 83C if i keep pushing it...unless the power supply is causing it to heat more than it should i dont know whats going on with it. i actually have better cooling now than i did in the last system, but even then i still ran a 350 watt 10A on the 12v

EDIT#2. will also be running an NVidia geforce 8800GT by the end of next week.. a 600 watt PSU should push a few fans and the new vid card shouldnt it?
You'll do yourself a big favor if you start looking at quality PSUs.

A power supply is not anywhere near as simple as most people think. It's quite difficult to convert the violent power of your wall outlet into the 4 or more rails of clean DC power your computer needs to be stable and last a long time.

Cheap power supplies are just like junk food. Whether it's an AKC registered dog or a mutt you picked up at the pound, you wouldn't feed your new dog potato chips and beer until it died, would you?

Here are some good PSUs that will power a single 8800GT and any other hardware you might have:

Silencer 500W
Antec EA500W

I posted those links in order of preference, without checking prices.