Motherboard eth port stop working?


Oct 15, 2010

Yesterday I recieved new hdd's and installed them. After the hdd installation i logged into windows and I couldnt log on the net.

It stucks in a yellow indication and if I run network diagnostics, it says Local Area Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration

I checked behind my motherport Ethernet port and I noticed that the green light is not responding at all, stopped blinking this green light

When I remove the ethrnet port, it recognise it, and turns into a red icon down in the desktop bar, and when I plug it in, it trys to indentify the network but nothing...

I have to buy a new lan card?

I ve searched over the internet, but there is none specific fix or answer, as the problems may be many that cause this.
Thats why i told you what I did before it stops working..

any ideas? I ve tried also the dos commands (release and renew) nothing

Also I checked device manager and it says that the device is working...