[SOLVED] Motherboard for 5600X?

Hi all,

I'm upgrading to a 5600X but I'm not too sure which one to go for.

After some digging I was set on the B550 Aorus Pro but it's going for 220€ here.

The B550-F is going for 200€ here but that still seems a bit high I feel like.

Can you guys recommend several good options so that I can verify prices here? I would preferrably like to keep it under 200€.


Sep 21, 2020
What would be the limitations/bottlenecks of using my current B450 Strix with a 5600X?
There are no limitations in regard of 5600X performance. The main difference is PCIe 4.0 support on B550, while B450 "only" supports PCIe 3.0 -I tell that just so someone won't complain how I missed that "important" difference. But reality is, there's no difference you would notice. 5600X is very power efficient (65W TDP) and so again, B450 should handle that pretty well.
Actually, consider yourself lucky :)
If you really want to, B450 boards also support ryzen 5000.

As for B550, Sadly prices are way up, Lowest end you can go would be a DS3 or smthn from gigabyte.
Asus B550m-A is also a capable board but super cheap.
TUF B550 would also be good, and quite cheap.


Jan 25, 2021
you can try Asrock b550 mother board gaming or steel legend
Gigabyte b550 gaming, aurus elite also you can check
msi b550 tomahawk.
Would you say that it's worth pushing my budget and opting for a Strix or Aorus Pro? Because I wasn't aware that they released a BIOS for B450 to support 5000 so I guess I can use my B450 strix for now, and save up for a few more months until I can afford it or until I can sell back my old board/CPU. Or maybe stick to my current motherboard altogether since I'm not planing on getting faster RAM anyways.

What would be the limitations/bottlenecks of using my current B450 Strix with a 5600X?
Alright well that's great to hear. Personally I couldn't care less about 4.0 at this stage.

The only limitatiom I was aware of is the RAM speed. I knew I couldn't put anything past 3200MHz on my current board though I think that should be more than fine for the 56000X.

Thanks for your help all. Money was saved today.