Question Motherboard for ryzen 7 1700?

Mar 1, 2019
Hi everyone
I am looking to get a new motherboard cpu and ram, specifically the ryzen 1700.
I am looking for a motherboard around $130.
The main thing I am looking for is a motherboard that has good build quality and stability.
Any overclocking abilities are a bonus but not my primary concern.

So far I have looked at this one and it seems fine.?
But is there better in the $130 price range

I have also looked at this Asus Motherboard and it looks amazing to me and feature packed, but it's over $130
does anyone have this motherboard and if so do you like it?

Thanks I hope to hear from you guys
You know that saying "Between rock and hard place" ? Gigabyte has newer chipset and future updates to Ryzen 3 are practically assured but Asus is a bit better, at least BIOS wise.
Either one would do fine for that CPU.