Question Motherboard freezes after entering Windows or sometimes when booting into BIOS

May 26, 2019
Motherboard in question:
AsRock 990FX Killer Fatal1ty AM3+ Socket

So, been a really frustrating a past couple of days. My motherboard seems to be acting up after about 3 years of use. Just as the title suggest, after entering Windows, it would freeze after about a minute or two. Sometimes it would boot up, display the BIOS screen and stays there.
Been to a local technician, told me he checked the AIO, the GPU, the processor, RAM, basically the whole nine yards. He concluded that the problem is the mobo.

Had to spend a couple of dollars replacing the old stuff with Ryzen compatible motherboards and DDR4 sticks. Now I was left with the old FX-8350, the faulty motherboard, and the DDR3.
Good news, I managed to sell both the processor and the RAM, and the buyers said that they had no problems with those components respectively.

Now I am stuck with this mobo and trying to figure out what to do with it. I could just list it online as a broken piece, but unfortunately, I can't really set the price since idk what exactly is at fault with the mobo.

Technician did say that the temp while testing was unusually high. Not that I have a deep understanding of which component he was referring to or just motherboard knowledge in general.

I searched multiple threads with freezing issues and a lot of them didn't really seem to help, like CMOS battery issue, VRM issue, blown capacitors etc.

So if anyone is aware of this particular problem, help a friend out. Cause the motherboard is just paperweight now, and the longer it takes for me having it, the further the price goes down on these components.

Oh and I did smell a burning circuit about a week before the issue started. It lasted for about 30 seconds, but was not coming from the PSU. The PSU I did RMA'd about a month before and got it replaced with a brand new one immediately from Corsair.

Spec before replacement:

AsRock 990FX Killer Fatal1ty AM3+ Socket
AMD FX-8350
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz
Corsair AIO H80i V2 (w/ stock heat paste)
MSI Gaming X GTX 1070
Samsung SATA SSD 250GB
Seagate 1TB HDD
Seagate 500GB HDD
2x120mm stock case fan plus 2 from AIO
Corsair CX750M PSU
Corsair Carbide Spec-03
Windows 10

Spec after:
MSI B450M Mortar AM4 Socket
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz

PS: Motherboard way past warranty, plus AsRock has a shitty RMA service in my country (Indonesia) not that it matters now. Decided to do with MSI and Corsair combo since they have the best RMA's in the country.
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