Question Motherboard from amazon warehouse plz help

Sep 27, 2020
I want to buy Motherboard from amazon warehouse because there are none of the motheboards in stock that i want but amazon one of them i want but it's a Used Very Good motherboard should i buy it i know amazon has a good return policy but i dont want to waste time because this is my first build.

has anybody bought a mobo from amazon warehouse or had any experince with one. How long it last?

the motherboard:


That's an RMA board from a 3rd party reseller so it's a crapshoot like anything else you buy used. You have a 30-day warranty on DOA or damaged on delivery but that is about it. Buying used always comes with a risk and is a gamble regardless of where you buy. My current motherboard was a RMA off Amazon, the only thing I could find wrong with it was the pump header doesn't work right but other than that it has worked 24/7 for 2 years now. The board before that was also used and is in my son's PC with a damaged RGB header.