Question Motherboard gets power but nothing will start.

May 18, 2022
I spilt water on my pc a few months ago and started trying to get it working again for the past few days. I tested all my components and determined that the motherboard was dead, everything else still worked(i tested them in a friends pc). I bought a new motherboard and put everything together. My led indicator on the front glows and turns off when i disconnect the PSU from the motherboard so i know its getting powered but the front power switch doesn’t turn the pc on nor does trying to jump it with a screwdriver. I just cant figure out whats going on.

Biostar A320M
Amd Ryzen 3 3100
Nvidia GTX 1650


Check the following User Manual link for the motherboard.

Do verify that I found the correct User Manual.

Use the manual to double check all connections and configurations.

Try clearing CMOS per physically numbered Page 13 of the User Manual.

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No one wants to force a connection on a new build but what may feel tight and in place is actually not.

Try carefully unplugging and re-plugging connectors, cards, RAM, jumpers. You may discover that some connection suddenly just fits in better and the system will boot thereafter.