Motherboard has no power switch connector


Jan 7, 2012
hello, I just purchased a new motherboard and case. the board is an msi z68a-g43 and i'm looking for a place to connect the wire coming from the case labeled power sw. I'm pretty sure that's for the power switch. it's a wire with a piece with 2 holes in it. the only 2 places that it could fit on the board are labled J2 JCI1 and JBAT1. it said nothing in the manual about these connectors. I don't know what's supposed to go there but i do need a place to put the power button connector or i don't think i'll be able to even turn it on. Do those numbers mean anything to you?
There are also all these other connectors coming from the case for like the reset button, and some LEDs. those are less important to me but i do need the power button to work.
Front Panel Connectors: JFP1, JFP2 They are for the power switch.
These connectors are for electrcal connecton to the front panel swtches and LEDs.
The JFP1 s complant wth Intel® Front Panel I/O Connectvty Desgn Gude.

JFP1 and JFP2