Motherboard help. Get a 680iLT or wait for a 7xx?


Nov 14, 2007
ok so I'm buildin a new gaming rig. I would like to put an E8400 when they come out next month but may go with an E6750 due to availability and inflation.

Now Tiger has an XFX LT for 100 bucks.. but I was gonna hold out for the 7xx chupset mb but their expensive as hell. Would yall recommend holding off or grabing the deal and then upgrading later.

I do wanna SLI some 8800GT's but that wont happen right away. Below is the link to the deal.


Dec 23, 2007
I know that you really need to upgrade your rig right away, but if you really like to put an E8400 on 780i chipset, I suggest grab the E8400 as soon as it becomes available cause Intel will launch their new CPUs with affordable price, and get 780i later and forget about the deal.

They slice the price of 680 series cause the 780i is just around the corner, just wait for a couple of months until the price of 780i drop a bit, it's worth of wait. If you uprading now and grab the deal, you just waste your bucks.

Trust me!! you're not alone who dyin' to feel the awesome power of 45nm and 780i. Just be a patience a bit my friend and don't bother your mind with marketing gimmicks, at the end, we all have a big smile for our long waiting technology!


Aug 16, 2006
Comes down to price...

But the LT is a decent board ...

Always get what you can afford now or are willing to pay, and upgrade later if you need the power.

Any Core 2 overclocked to 3.0, regardless of chipset, with an 8800gt, will play all games ... yes even Crysis.