Motherboard help - pci-e 2.0


Oct 6, 2007
I have searched the forums and i have not found a post close enough to mine to be satisfied so if this is a repost, i apologize. Now on to my questions. I am going to be building a new system soon and i still do not know enough about pci-express 2.0 to make a decision on a motherboard. Im looking at 650i mobo's and they seem to be performing well. Would i be making a mistake buying a pci-e v1.0 mobo hoping to last 2 years? Should I invest the extra money and get a 2.0 compliant motherboard? I havent really chosen a brand yet, although any name brand i go with will do the job.

My current system spec(build in 05):

AMD 64 3700+ 2.2ghz 1mb L2
corsair valueselect 2x1024mb ddr
eVga nVidia 7800GT
evga mobo(not sure model)

Planned new system spec:

Intel core2duo E6750
corsair xms 2x1024mb ddr2-800
eVga nVidia 7800GT

Now, I have read that the current video cards do not even max out the pci-e 1.0 slot, but im trying to look to the future a little bit like the 9 series. Does anyone think there will be a benefit to me buying the 2.0 to be future proof? And another final question. I am going to keep my 7800GT in hopes that the 9xxx series is around the corner. Will the 8800gt be a HUGE upgrade for me considering the new proc/mobo/mem is already going to be a huge upgrade for me? I plan on waiting for the 9 series, just wanted to get others inputs. Thanks in advance guys!
You can use PCI-E 2.0 on a PC-E motherboard, so i say get that 650i Motherboard and enjoy it , nowadays the word "FutureProof" is dead, also no one knows that when 9xxx will come out, so ge that 8800GT , its alot faster than 7800GT

You worry alot about future mate, dont worry , get a 8800GT+That 650 motherboard (or maybe P35 if u dont need SLI) and enjoy