Question Motherboard Installation in Cougar case

Sep 25, 2020
Quick question

I am building my first PC and I bought a Cougar MX330-G case.

The motherboard standoffs are difficult to match up to the holes in the motherboard.

I am really stressing the board to get the holes to line up.

I dont want to break the board.

Further when I tried to use the screws provided with the case, they dont go in easily, its almost like I am screwing in case fans (where the screw is reaming the threads).

Is this normal? I do not want to cross thread the standoffs, and I dont want to break the motherboard.

Am I just better off buying a new case? Or is my motherboard installation experience normal?

Thanks in advance.


You should have two common size screws. M3 and 6-32 standard. The smaller ones will be M3 and are usually not used on motherboard standoffs. 6-32 will be the larger screws and typically mount the motherboard, expansion slots and hard drives.

Try both, should go in easily.

As for the motherboard, there might be too many standoffs, depending on the board you are trying to install. Check the holes in the motherboard, and look for the corresponding standoffs. Remove any not in use.

You might also simply be having trouble with the I/O shield and backplate. There are foam type, and springy metal type, both require some force to hold them in place while you place the first screw or two.

I will see if I can find some relevant videos.