Question Motherboard Isn't receiving power

Dec 1, 2021
So my motherboard (Asus z10pa-u8) is all plugged in but the power led is off and when I push the power button or short the pins nothing happens, not even the fans ramp up. I have spent 4 months on it and have thoroughly checked every connection and switch so I made an account and posted here.
Basically, the board was using a legacy bios and I couldn't find the USB boot drive on the bootable devices so I reset the CMOS. I should have updated the bios but I didn't for some reason. then I tried to turn it on and nothing happened. I have tried to fix it since then and even my local repair shops will not fix it or even diagnose it.

PSU: EVGA supernova 1000p2
mobo: asus z10pa-u8
CPU: core i7 5820k