Question Motherboard lights on, GPU lights on, but PC not starting even after jump short start ?


Feb 13, 2018
Hi folks,
Let me lay down my specs first-
Intel core i5 9400f processor
Asus GTX 1650 super GPU -
Corsair TX550M Gold rated semi modular PSU -
Asus ROG Strix B365-G mATX motherboard -
Samsung 970 EVO plus PCIe NVME M.2 ssd -
RAM corsair vengeance ram 8gb.

Yesterday everything was fine i played a couple of dota 2 games and then turned off the system but today when i tried turning it on then the system failed to start. So i thought ok there might be some issue with the power button of the cpu PC case so i opened the case and tried to jump short the PWRSW pins and start the cpu PC but to my surprise the system didnt start, no signs of starting neither the PSU started nor the fans infact no fan started out of the 3 (one processor fan and 2 case fans).

Eventhough the motherboards aurasync light at the bottom left side was glowing and even the GPU light was glowing but no luck getting the pc to start up. Can some one guide me or point me in the right direction what could be wrong in the cpu PC or what not ?
Its just one year i made this pc and now so quickly the system seems to be failing.

Just to mention the things i have tried:
  • Change the power source point
  • tried jump shorting the PWRSW connector as mentioned in the manual of the motherboard
  • When i was shorting the above connector then i held the screw driver for upto 5 minutes but no luck getting it up
  • Re-sitting all the things in the CPU, cleaning of all the dusts
  • because i had taken everything out of the case for resitting i tried booting only with the motherboard and the PSU if cpu fan started then all was fine thats what i was thinking
  • clean the ram and tried in all 4 slots even though it seems like this issue is not related to RAM
  • take off cmos and wait for a few minutes and putting it back
I am not sure about this previously or this is happening now but the PSU fan is not spinning, i hadn't noticed this but the PSU fan i guess starts spinning only after starting the system so maybe, just maybe the PSU is failing but its a good quality PSU so i am confused. How can it fail this quickly and i am not a very powerhouse user just casual gamer who plays cs and dota only and other times its just normal use browsing watching movies and programming ?

Any help whats causing this issue and steps i can follow to resolve this as quicky as possible would be much appreciated. Thank you
Aug 16, 2021
have you tried to install another cpu and cmos battery tested using multimeter?
i have same problem to my ROG B450-F gaming II i get no power when i put my cpu to board but when they put another cpu it gets power
to your psu if its gold when it get half load to half 250-300 before it get spin the fan no worries to your psu