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Question Motherboard lights up but nothing starts

May 1, 2020
Yesterday I finally decided to put in my h150i pro water cooler as I've had it for a while but never got around to putting it in, after it was finally installed I plug in the power supply and I get the usual blue lights on the my motherboard but can't get anything to turn on. After a while of trying different things I decided to go back to the stock cooler to see if that was the issue, and I decided not to plug everything in again as I didn't want the hassle of plugging it all in just for no reason, so I only used the cpu, cpu cooler and ram (as well as case wirings) and I got the same issue, power is going to the motherboard but nothing turns on. All the parts were working the day before and the only difference is the motherboard got a slight scrape that doesn't look nearly deep enough to cause trace damage but everything I've tried seems to have no effect, any help would be appreciated

Motherboard- x470 taichi

Cpu- ryzen 3900x

Ram- 16gbs x2 3200hz Corsair vengance lpx

Psu- Corsair cx 750m

Gpu- msi rtx2070 (hasn't been plugged in since the swap)


Feb 3, 2016
Anything can happen these days with little slight scrapes so first thing is the scrape near any kinda of chips on the motherboard would you be able to take picture of this slight scrape also is everything connected correctly!