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Question Motherboard lights up but PC won't turn on ?

Jul 26, 2021
Hey all

Here's my specs to start.
  • Asrock B460M Steel Legend Mobo
  • Intel i7 10700kf
  • Patriot Viper 16gb 2x8 ram DDR4 3200
  • Zotac RTX2070 AMP Extreme Core
  • Powerspec 750w Bronze psu
  • Cougar mx-330g case
  • Western digital sn750 m.2 2280 1tb ssd
This was my first build ever. I put it together a little over a month ago and everything went absolutely swimmingly. Last night I put the PC to sleep. Earlier today I go to wake it up. Hit the space bar, nothing. Hit the power button, nothing. The mobo light is still on but nothing is happening. I try turning the psu off and unplugging. Same thing, mobo lights up (same color i had the rgb set to) but it wont power on. Did a little digging, reseated all the power connectors and everything from the case, tried to boot it with no ram to see if it would beep and still nothing. No HDD LED, no mobo leds for ram, etc. Just the rgb light and thats it.

I did nothing on the pc other than game and do some zoom calls before putting it to sleep. I've put it to sleep before, shut it down before and have had no issues booting it up.

Kinda freaking out. Any help would be appreciated. Seems based on the limited research I've done the mobo is * somehow? I really have no idea as I'm still very new to this. Thanks everyone
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