News Motherboard Makers Enable Support for Latest Ryzen CPUs


Oct 5, 2018
This is the kind of thing that's exactly why we need open source Coreboot(or equivalents) to completely replace the old school closed source BIOS or UEFI paradigm and loosen the control that motherboard manufacturers have.

If the board is capable physically and electrically of housing a newer generation of CPU, we are all left sitting around and stuck unless the manufacturer decides to act. We're completely at their mercy. There's simply no reason to be stuck like this!

At least for now, good on these manufacturers and AMD for jumping quickly where they did. However, there have been launches in the past and there are I am sure boards that won't see an update for this and it's sad that those users will be left out in the cold for really no good reason.

Sentences like this in the article: "it remains to be seen when Gigabyte adds support" are COMPLETELY preventable. If not now, certainly in the long term. We have all seen time and again open source reach into the sky and support things that the corporate entities never would have had any intention of ever doing.
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Jan 16, 2021
What happened to the tree-fiddy? I see 320 & 370 support from Asus but no 350?

Wonder if it's incompatible or it was such a huge seller they want to skip support to force new motherboard sales... Hmmm