Question Motherboard making noise around CPU backplate

Oct 20, 2020
Hey everybody,

So the last couple of days(just build a new PC) I have been dealing with an issue of static/electrical noise over my active speakers. I do not have any issue when hooking up the speakers to my macbook or old computer. However the new computer has been giving me noises when moving the mouse, booting up and loading any program. Volume mixing does not affect it. Onboard vs PCI vs USB soundcards all yield the same noisy result.

I changed the PSU, no result
I removed the GPU and continued to the integrated graphics, no result
I paused all fans, no result
Removed all usb devices and peripherals, no result.

The sound comes directly from the Motherboard behind the CPU backplate/bracket. You can hear it from the front of the motherboard and even clearer at the backside of the motherboard.


The high pitched sound is generated by moving the mouse while I was filming.

I switched around with power bricks (all grounded) and different types of plugs, all together, switched around etc. no results

My setup is the following:

BIOS: 0806 (sound was even noticeable in BIOS, softly)
OS W10 Pro 64 bit
CPU Intel i5 10600K
CPU cooler noctua d15 chromax
RAM 16GB Corsair DDR4 3200mhz memory LPX
GPU Zotac RTX 2060
MB Asus Z490 TUF Gaming WIFI
SSD Samsung 970 EVO 1tb M.2
PSU First used Coolermaster 620watt PSU now switched over to Corsair RM650X
CASE Corsair 4000x
Soundcard Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro
Speakers (KRK Rokit5)
Keyboard Corsair K68 RGB
Mouse Logitech G500
Screen Asus vg27aql1a
Headphones Hyper X cloud II

Could this Motherboard have some faulty capacitors? I have also heard people about a ground loop however the frequency varies and even when there are no speakers connected to the motherboard the motherboard itself still makes these sounds.
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Oct 20, 2020
I have this EXACT issue, computer runs fine, but depending on if im moving my mouse or what window and program im on I get that high frequency noise that i would idealy like not to have. Hopfully it's not an indicator of any actual issue.
Oct 20, 2020
"Update" So I send the motherboard RMA to the seller, they tested it and reproduced my issue. They went ahead and replaced my motherboard and send it back to me. This morning I received and assembled my computer oncemore and.... The same issue.

Will be in touch with the seller again to see how we can fix this.
Nov 16, 2020

Same issue here with a z490 from MSI and an i9-10900k. Did you mange to solve the issue eventually? Could you share with me what was the problem?