Question Motherboard (Maybe?) Problems w/ bootup: Gigabye Aorus B450 m Gaming

Oct 11, 2019
Hi there!
So I built a PC a few days ago and it's been amazing and working just fine. However, in the past two days something started happening with the startup. I would boot it up and the Aorus Gigabyte splash logo would pop up as usually, but the spinning loading dots that would usually appear didn't show up. Then after a few minutes, the system would either restart on its own and boot up normally, or I would get sick of waiting and manually restart the device. Notably, if I manually restarted, it would boot up in a few seconds as usual the second time around.

Unrelated (or maybe not) this one thing happened to me today that might be related to the problem. Which was that my computer screens both turned black, or more accurately, the connection stopped. Microphone, audio, everything seems to still work when it happened. Just like the problem above, without touching anything, restarting seemed to solve the issue. This has only happened once. But is this something to be concerned about?

I've had the computer for 10 days now. Specs below:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus B450 m
GPU: Sapphire Pulse 5700xt
RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengence 3200 hz
Storage: m.2 crucial ssd + 2 seagate storage hard drives
PSU: Seasonic Focus Gold