[SOLVED] Motherboard memory clock more than allowed?


Aug 2, 2018
I have an Asus ROG STRIX B450-f gaming motherboard and realized my Corsair RAM was running at 2100MHz when the clock speed is 3600MHz, I checked what my M/BO RAM clock speed support is and its 3200MHz but when I went into the bios I could change the DRAM frequency to 3600MHz but I looked it up and apparently this M/BO only supports 3200MHz... so why is it letting me select 3600MHz? So I selected 3600MHz and I checked Task Manager and it said RAM is running at 3600Mhz?
When you buy RAM you check what the CPU can support and the motherboard. In your case you have a board that support 3200MHz but can be overclocked higher. If you had a Zen CPU or Zen+ you would not be able to get 3600MHz. You probably have a Zen 2 3000 series CPU right to get 3600MHz without issues?

If you're running them at 3600MHz and you have 0 instability issues you're fine :)