Question Motherboard memory problems

Oct 18, 2021
So I recently have been having ram issues and have obtained a brand new set of ram from g skill but I am still have the issued of trying to boot into my PC. My os is corrupted and no matter what I do to boot into usb the PC will start them get stuck and give me error codes 49-53 which are all ram related (like no usable ram detected or ram instillation error) the PC was working fine until I upgraded to the 9900k now nothing seems to work even if I put the i3 back it just won't boot. Any suggestions for possible fixes.

PC specs
EVGA z370 classified k
I9 9900k
1660 super
2x8 gb gSkill ripjaws 3000mhz
Seagate barracuda 2tb
Enermax 1000w psu
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