motherboard model


Jun 17, 2007
can someone confirm to me my motherboard model please on the msi website so i get the right updates?

my manual says K9NGM & K9NGM2 series MS-7252 (V1.X) huh? dum manual so which one is it, i guess not helpful manual lol.

heres the suspected msi motherboard:

here is my specs from cpu-z

is this the right msi motherboard site in comparision to the cpu-z findings?

if not please help find out and send me the correct msi motherboard because msi didnt help me :( .
Use MSI's live update for windows. It will automatically determine what bios update you need for your board. I've never had any trouble with live update. But you should still be careful, or you will end up with a dead board. If you're overclocking, use the cmos jumper to change the bios to the default settings before downloading live update and flashing the bios.