Question Motherboard no longer turning on (Z77 Extreme4)

Nov 29, 2019
Hi there.

A few months ago I decided to give my used R9 280X to a friend of mine, whose GPU had stopped working. I've had issues with this 280X on my PC before, but those issues seemed to have been caused by some corrupt version of Windows. Anyways, the GPU did the exact same on his PC (crashing with lines on the screen, etc.) Only this time, his PC no longer booted when having it installed(afterward I feel like PSU might've also played a role), and he decided to just take it out of his PC. I was thinking, because of the Windows issue I had before, that it might've been the exact same for him. So I asked if I could try it out on my old rig (i7-3770k, z77 extreme4, 16gb ddr3 ram), and it seemed to boot. The only problem was that error code A2 showed up because I didn't have a drive installed. So I grabbed an old SSD and then the errors seemed to alternate between A2 and A9. Read something online about it maybe having a corrupt bios, telling me to remove power, holding power button for 10 seconds, taking out the CMOS battery and leaving the battery out for about 10 minutes. I waited a little longer, but when I put in the CMOS battery it no longer turned on. I've tried the PSU on another board and that one turned on fine so I'm kinda stuck rn. Did I fry my motherboard or something?

Again it's an ASRock z77 Extreme4. I would really appreciate if someone knew what to do.