Question Motherboard not detecting GPU

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Dec 6, 2022
GPU: evga GTX 980 SC
CPU: 7700k
Motherboard ASUS Maximus VIII Gene
Power Supply: corsair RM750i
RAM corsair LPX 16gb 3000
SSD:WD Black SN770
OS: Windows 10

it is as it says. ive tried everything i can find online. turning fast boot off .reinstalling windows. bios is the most up to date one. ive checked the bios and windows device manager and it doesnt show up. ive changed the pci speed to gen 2. the system worked fine whenever i had a 6700k and a 1080 but with the 7700k and 980 the gpu isnt being detected. im able to get into windows using the integrated graphics. im not sure why the gpu isnt being detected since i know for a fact it was working before i put it in my system.
Not open for further replies.