Question motherboard only has 1 fan header, can i put 3 fans to this single fan header without damaging the header?

Sep 5, 2019
hi i need help, my motherboard has only 1 (3 pin) fan header, not including the cpu header, the motherboard is a Intel P55 Wide Use LGA1156 DDR3 motherboard, i am trying to hook that header with 3 X 120mm fan which is ALSEYE 120mm FAN white 12v 3Pin Air Cooler Cooling fan, i also have a Chasis Cooling Fan Power Cable Hub Splitter Adapter would i just put the these three fans to this hub splitter and everything work okay would it damage the single header? thanks



hub splitter adapter:
Usually the fan-header can provide 1Amp power for the old MB, like the P55, or other up to Z97, etc.

When I checked the site, I can see one of the picture that shows the fan can draw 12V or 0.17A, if the label is true. So three of them should draw less than 1Amp, they will draw about 0.51 Amp, there is lot more head-room for the 1Amp limit so that you should be fine.


Yes, that will work. Another info source I found says the fans pull 2.5 W, which is just over 0.2A each, so three is still well under the 1.0 A limit.

The Splitter you linked to will work also. Just a couple suggestions. Fasten it down somewhere so it does not move and risk shorting out to Ground. Make sure that one of your case ventilation fans is plugged into the port marked CPU, because that is the only output that will send back to the mobo header the speed signal of its fan. Do NOT plug your actual CPU cooler in there; plug that cooler into the CPU_FAN header.