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Question Motherboard or CPU Problem

Jun 27, 2020
My computer stopped working a few years ago but I decided to try and fix it now because I have nothing else better to do.

Here's the problem:
A few years back before my computer stopped working something happened.
While playing games some of the fans suddenly stopped ( I noticed beacause the fans on my pc make audible noise then it suddenly disapperead and I also hovered my hand on the holes and air wasn't flowing through ) but thr PC was still on so i kept playing.

The next day I tried turning it on but it won't, that brings us to today. I disassembled my PC to diagnose the problem.

Here's what I found:
-The power supply still works. When I connected the green wire (Postive) to thr black wire (Ground). When I connected a fan it worked so it was fine
-I connected the power supply to the motherboard (With the green wire still connected to the black wire). When I connected the CPU fan to the motherboard it worked.
-I connected the SATA Power to thr HDD it the drive turned on.
-Then the wierdest thing happened. When I connected the wire the powers the CPU, everything turned off, even the fan on PSU.
-Then I removed the wire, turned the system off then on again, then all the fans and even the HDD turned on again.
-The I tried conneting the VGA to a monitor and it just says "No Video Output".
-If the green wire and black wire are not connected even if the PSU is connected to the motherboard, nothing turns on.

*Note - The RAM is installed in each scenario.

I just would like to know if the motherboard is at fault or the CPU. And if anyone can help fix this problem.