Question Motherboard or RAM issue?


Aug 27, 2010
My son's computer has a z390 pro4 motherboard and two sticks of corsair vengeance 8gig RAM. Its been running fine for well over a year and the last month it started to get a few random different blue screens. One day he started it up and it booted windows, but nothing would open so we forced a restart and would just have a black screen. My computer troubleshooting is just novice level, but I figured the first thing to check was the RAM. As it turns out taking out 1 stick of RAM makes the computer work fine again. I wanted to double check that the stick of RAM I pulled out was bad so I switched it with the one that was currently working. After switching the RAM the computer still works fine.

Since that I've tried every combination of putting each stick of RAM in each channel and they all worked, but I have also tried every combination of both sticks in each channel and I get a black screen every time. Has anyone else experienced an issue like this? Were you able to determine if it was the RAM or motherboard that was causing it? I have also tried to reset BIOS and then updated BIOS and none of those worked at solving the problem. The computer seems to work better with one stick of RAM concerning the blue screens, but only having 8 gigs of RAM is definitely noticeable when gaming. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!